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Reliable, Honest, Affordable

I was lucky enough to have spoken to several companies before going with Texas Tree Service. Once I walked around the property with Texas Tree Service, they pointed out causes for many of the existing problems as well as ways to keep them from returning.

I dont know how they did it.

Texas Tree Service did the impossible. We had 2 approximately 30 foot trees hanging over the house. When the wind blew, you knew the trees had to go. Not one branch hit the roof. I still can't figure it out. These guys know their stuff.

I have met alot of tree guys before...

There are not many companies that come out, discuss the work, the costs and then just get the job done. These guys are quick, professional and they clean up after themselves. Their equipment and experience allows them to do things that others simply can't do.



Texas Tree Service has been proudly servicing the Hill County for over 36 years. Our staff is professional, safe, neat and dependable.

We have some of the largest equipment in the Hill Country and a trained staff to use it safely and effectively.


    There are several things to consider before choosing a Tree Service.
    Ask around town to see if anyone has heard of them.
    Look at how long they have been in business.
    What type of equipment do they have?
    How many employees do they have? Do they have an office?

  • 1. We are insured and bonded and will provide it in writing.
  • 2. We have you been in the tree service business since 1975.
  • 3. We offer services that protect your yard and home at the best that they can offer.
  • 4. We offer crane service where a tree is on a house.
  • 5. We are up front with clean-up and stump grinding costs.
  • 6. We provide you a list of problems we have found as well as what caused them.
  • 7. We discuss in detail the work to be completed and costs associated with the work.
  • 8. We provide you a quote in writing.